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We moved. It’s a house, it’s bigger and most importantly it’s in our dream neighbourhood still close to downtown, within walking distance to all our favourite places.

Am I now a minimalist hypocrite? Sure, we moved into a bigger space but as I’ve said before, it is all about making room for life and our life legitimately required more room. Our son now has his own room and a small yard to play in. We are able to entertain family and friends which is very important to us. Do I have more than one bathroom? No. Large closets? No. A double car garage? No. But I’ve got plenty of space to do the things I love. Have a little garden, store canning, take walks along the river, work, entertain, raise children…and continue my own version of a minimalist lifestyle. Just because I have a basement that has room to “store” things, doesn’t mean it has to be stuffed full. Closets so far are by and large empty and the built in bookshelves flanking the fireplace are, well, a little sparse as i’m thankfully short on nic nacks. But we have room enough to grow our family and as long as we don’t get sucked into buying mode, we will be alright.

Minimalism is a thought process, a continual renewing of ones commitment to a certain world view and so though my square footage has more than doubled, I maintain the importance of making room in life for the things that really matter and so stay committed to not cluttering it up simply for the love of stuff.

I sincerely hope I can keep it up, as having more space means it will certainly be more challenging. It is my home though and any home can be lived in simply so I pledge to continue to do so.