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Sometimes I have been hesitant to do to much in our small space for fear of overwhelming the space, however so far any changes I have made have really added to the space! Though all my walls are still white I’ve added a few touches of paint to other surfaces.

The door to our little condo is simply a flat panel door that was painted white (of course!) rather than go to a whole lot of work and try to add wood trim to give it depth and make it match the rest of the interior doors, I simply took a small can of black paint and some painting tape and only left a square of white showing. Here is how it turned out!


The second project I did was simply add a little paint to an old (1800’s) dresser my parents had sitting in their basement. It is going to be used as a change table for the new baby as well as store basically everything of his. I simply applied 2 coats of turquoise paint then took some sand paper to it. I have a little bit of a fox theme going so I added brass fox hardware from Anthropologie.com This is how it turned out!