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The 31 Day Fashion Diet Challenge is over so it’s time we take a look at the results.  First of all, forgive me for not posting pictures of all the various outfits, but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to constantly take pictures of myself after getting dressed each day…so I didn’t.  I did however count and I had upwards of 25 different combinations that I could make with the selection I had.  I certainly tried new things that I otherwise might not have because I was forced to work within a certain wardrobe.  For me, creativity is often best expressed within the context of problem solving and working within a limited wardrobe was a great opportunity for this.

I was relatively surprised how little it all ended up mattering to me.  It honestly was not hard to keep to a smaller wardrobe and there were some surprising benefits.  I found laundry was much less daunting as was cleaning up my bedroom as there was simply so much less to clean.  My room has never had so few clothes lying on the floor and it really was refreshing!

Below are the answers to the questions I aimed to explore through this experiment.

  1. Was this a comfortable exercise or could I not wait for September 1st?  Quite comfortable actually.  There were only a few days where I wished to dig into the rest of my wardrobe and those were usually for reasons of cooler weather that I hadn’t really prepared for.
  2. Was it easier to get dressed every day or more difficult?  It certainly required less mental energy as long as I remembered to do laundry.
  3. While there is no magic number, Is 11 items sufficient for a hot summer wardrobe or did I feel like it was a stretch? Totally doable.
  4. Do I now feel more ready to get rid of more items or more inclined to keep things?  Half way through the experiment, I looked at the bags of clothes sitting on the floor that I had packed up in preparation for the experiment, dumped them out and gave half of them away.  It just seemed all so unnecessary.  I hung up the remainder which fit much nicer on my closet rod and still felt like I had too much however getting rid of half was very satisfying.
  5. Do I appreciate my wardrobe any differently?  Interestingly I almost feel like I appreciate it both less and more.  I came to see having so many options as more of a nuisance than a requirement and it was very easy for me to get rid of things so in that way I appreciate it less.  On the other hand I appreciate the clothes that I have left as I need to wear them more often so they serve more of a purpose in my daily life and I appreciate those ones more.
  6. Did it increase or decrease my desire to shop?  Decrease!   Knowing that I couldn’t wear it for a couple of weeks gave me absolutely no desire to go shopping.  After getting rid of so much I still don’t feel the need to “replace” anything as it seemed that I was just shredding the excess (though some of the excess was quite expensive and lovely, but still excess).  In that regard I have been lucky that I have someone who is a similar size who very much appreciates my affinity for getting rid of excess clothes.  When I see someone excited about the items I am giving away it makes me feel like I am helping someone and that is very satisfying.
  7. Did I feel less or more satisfied with my available options than when I had a much larger selection available to me?  I felt just as satisfied with less however now that it has turned to cooler weather I have been very happy to have a few warmer things added to my options.

It was an excellent exercise that I would highly recommend for anyone willing to think critically about what is in their closet but that might not be ready to just get rid of it all quite yet.  Such an experiment adds perspective and allows for better decision making for when the purging time comes.

In my particular case it came at an excellent time as we are heading to Europe for a month quite soon.  I am now even more determined than ever to pack minimally for travelling and since doing the Fashion Diet, am convinced it can be happily done!

With that in mind, stay tuned for an update on travelling light all the while feeling comfortable, fashionable and avoiding typical traveler fashion faux pas!  (Is this too much to ask?) I will outline how I plan to pack and then report back as to what worked well, what didn’t and what in the end, you really need to tote around a continent.