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August has 31 days. I am going on a summer fashion diet for those 31 days.  I want to prove to myself and to you that someone who loves fashion, mixing things up and goes to work (not a formal environment), and goes out with friends , can have only 11 articles of clothing in her closet for 31 days and still love what she wears and how she feels every day.

Though the thought of taking a picture of myself and putting it on my blog is daunting I will try to take and post a picture of each new combination to show how many different combinations are achievable with the options I have.

The items I chose to keep in the challenge were chosen strictly on instinct in a space of about 5 minutes or less. It was amazing how quickly I was able to cut it down to 11 items. Why 11 items? No reason really, I just chose my summer favorites and that came to 11.   If you were to do this challenge your list of items might look quite different from mine but below is what I felt would be reasonable but challenging for me.  Every other item of clothing I packed up into a garbage bag (it took 2 in fact) so that I wouldn’t be tempted.

The only exceptions to the below lists are some exercise clothes which amount to 3 tops and 3 bottoms, a rain jacket as well as a pair of runners.  I have also allowed a pair of flip flops for taking out my dog, the garbage etc., and have not put a limit on the number of underwear or socks I can go through.  Nothing else I own however can be worn during the month of August 2012.  Friends, family and co-workers reading this blog and following my challenge can keep me accountable as they see fit.

The following items are allowed in my clothing “diet” (also pictured below):

  1. 1 pair of shorts
  2. 1 pair blue jeans
  3. 1 pair of jeggings
  4. 1 romper (like a summer onesie for adults)
  5. 1 cardigan
  6. 1 tank top (close fitting)
  7. 1 button up tank (loose)
  8. 1 white button up shirt
  9. 1 blue jean button up shirt
  10. 1 ¾ length pullover shirt
  11. 1 dress

The following items are allowed for accessories (again, see picture):

  1. 1 pair of wedge heels
  2. 1 pair of Sperry’s
  3. 1 purse
  4. 3 pairs of earrings
  5. 1 watch
  6. 1 pair of sunglasses
  7. 2 skinny belts

A few of the questions I aim to answer through this experiment are:

  1. Was this a comfortable exercise or could I not wait for September 1st?
  2. Was it easier to get dressed every day or more difficult?
  3. While there is no magic number, Is 11 items sufficient for a hot summer wardrobe or did I feel like it was a stretch?
  4. Do I now feel more ready to get rid of more items or more inclined to keep things?
  5. Do I appreciate my wardrobe any differently?
  6. Did it increase or decrease my desire to shop?
  7. Did I feel less or more satisfied with my available options than when I had a much larger selection available to me?

Intrigued to see how this goes?  I am.