One of the most monumental and positive ways in which simplifying has opened up room in my life has been by way of my mental health.  Simplifying meant getting rid of the extra physical stuff that used to use up so much of my time, energy and money so that I can think clearly.  With no (or very little) visual clutter to stress the eyes and reorganize, no TV to distract me and a much less intense shopping or cleaning schedule to maintain, I have been freed financially to spend less hours per week in wage labour enabling me to now focus on my mental health.  Several times a month, I see a counselor who is helping me to understand and think through my personality, fears, desires, spirituality and life in general.  This has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

It is through this focus on my inner self that I am coming to understand my own self and come to terms with and embrace who I really am even if that means finding my way in the world in a way that doesn’t match up with the dominant and culturally accepted way of going through life here in North America.  Embracing my creative, non-linear and highly sensory personality has given me a new lens through which to view life, one that doesn’t necessarily follow the paths we are prepared for through the primary, secondary and post-secondary school systems…and that is ok.  What a liberating way to live, that allows me in faith to be like the wind, to embrace my free-flowing spirit which when put in a box and squashed only leads to depression , anxiety and general unhappiness. I have so much more to offer my husband, family, friends, and the world when I understand my self.

While I am only beginning this journey and so don’t have it all sorted, I am looking forward to seeing what creative outpourings come out of living with a healthier mind that accepts who I am and where I am going.  And so it is with an as of yet hesitant but hopeful heart that I write from a mind that is slowly being cleared of the clutter; from a mind that I now have room in my life to make healthy and happy.


“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

(…)mental health… is not a destination but a process.  It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.  The therapist is like a driving instructor, not a chauffeur.”  ―  Noam Shpancer,The Good Psychologist: A Novel