I believe that one can live simply, minimally and still entertain friends, have hobbies and live in a beautiful space.  To do this however, creative storage solutions are a necessity in order to create functional and visually appealing spaces.  In my last post I promised a few small space storage solutions, so here are a couple of examples from my own home to get your creative juices flowing.

Closets are sometimes a rarity in small spaces, especially if your space was built at a time when people had less stuff, therefore less need for space to store stuff.  I live in such a place and so decided to reserve my one and only (long and narrow) closet for things that I wanted out of sight.  I decided there were other things beside clothes that should use up that prime real estate.  Our closet became a broom and bike closet which took care of the functional items I wanted to keep but didn’t have a place to store (after all, small spaces especially have to be clean and getting rid of my bicycle was not an option!)  This left the problem of where to actually put our clothes.  Our bed has built-in drawers on either side so those took care of folded items.  For hanging items, I used galvanized plumbing pipe from our local hardware store to create an “open concept” closet in the bedroom. (See picture)  It is highly functional, only cost about $40, doesn’t take up floor space and looks great!

 Galvanize plumbing pipe turned closet rod

Tip: Using wood hangers (vintage or otherwise) to hang all your clothes is a great way to preserve the shape of your clothes and I think it makes your clothes look nicer on the hanger!  Makes you feel like you are shopping at a boutique every time you get dressed!

While I am no Van Gogh, I love to express myself creatively so I needed a good way to store art supplies.  I downsized to the ones I thought that in reality I would actually use and then put them all in a vintage suitcase that I wanted to have out as a “decorative” item.  In the end then, I successfully stored my hobby supplies, found a reason to keep a decorative item and placed it so it could be used as a side table in a pinch.  (See picture)  Now that is small space storage that works for me!

Vintage suitcase as art supplies storage

There are a myriad of ways to be creative with storage so I simply share these two examples to show that you don’t have to rely on closets, basements and “storage rooms” in order to house the things you wish to keep in your life.  Of course the less you have the easier it is to store, however at the end of the day a pencil is still needed to draw, so making room for those activities that give you life is important!

Have some clever ideas that might help out others searching for small space storage solutions, or have a small space storage issue you could use some help with?  Feel free to leave a comment!  I’d love to hear how you make your small (or not so small) space work for you or give you some ideas if your space doesn’t seem to be working so well for you!